Closed joint-stock company "OKB RITM" works out, produces and realizes medical devices and complexes.
Our organization have existed for 20 years. Special Design Office of medical information-diagnostic systems attached to the Taganrog State Institute of Radio engineering was set up in 1980. In 1983 our organization was known as State enterprise - Special Design Office "RITM". Then there were some changes concerning organization and legal forms of the enterprise. Nowadays it is a private company Closed joint stock company "OKB RITM", numbers more than 40 stockholders (most of them are employees of the company).
All above-mentioned changes had a small influence on the field of scientific, technical and production interests of the company.
We've had invariable aim for 20 years to produce medical devices and complexes on a level with world standards in scientific-methodical and technical aspects.
Doctors of practically all licensed specialities successfully use Skenar Devices, diagnostic complexes "Rista EPD" and other equipment, produced by our company.
The growing popularity of our production, especially of Skenar devices, in Russia and abroad is caused by their high effectiveness when treating various diseases and functional disorders.
If our users have some questions about history of closed joint-stock company "OKB RITM" as well as about the history and development of Skenar-therapy method they are welcome to our site where they will get the answers.
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