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Joint Stock Company ôOKB ôRITMö

Interregional conference
ôSCENAR-therapy and SCENAR-expertiseö
dedicated to 25-th anniversary of OKB ôRITMö
on 20-24 may 2005
Rostov-on-Don, Russia.


Dear friends and colleagues!
Direction of the company ôAssociation-SCENARö Rostov-on-Don supported by OKB ôRITMö, Taganrog make in Rostov-on-Don the XXXII interregional conference on SCENAR-therapy and SCENAR-expertise.
Organizational committee of the conference invites you, with deep respect, to take part in the work of the conference in one of the following forms (oral report publication, article in annual scientific journal). In addition, there will be seminars and workshops of different levels in scenar-therapy. After the conference the annual scientific journal will be published, with the works of the conference included.
The participants are required:

  1. to make a report both in printed and electronic version (fill in MS-Word 6.0, MS-Word 7.0);
  2. to print in Times New Roman Cyr, ╣ 10, interval 1.5;
  3. to make the first passage: the title (in capital letters), on the new line ľ name(s) of the author(s); on the new line ľ the establishment, the city;
  4. the materials shall be submitted in two copies, the address for correspondents and phone number shall be printed on the copy.

The conference takes place in Rostov-on-Don ľ the capital of the Southern Federal Region of the Russian Federation. Rostov-on-Don is a big industrial, scientific and cultural center of the South of Russia. Nowadays the level of the medical service and supply in Rostov-on-Don is not worse then in Moscow or St. Petersburg.
The city has an International Airport. There are flights to different cities of Russia and world.
Spring is a wonderful season on the river Don. The temperature of late May is +25░C. You are welcome by the leisure centers of the left bank of the river Don. Entertaining cultural programs will show you the customs and traditions of Don Cossacks. You will try the Don cuisine.

We look forward to meeting you on the Don land!

General Director of Joint Stock Company ôOKB ôRITMö J.Z. Grinberg
General Director ôAssociation-Scenarö J.J. Starovoytov

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