Hardware-software complex of diagnostic "INFRAMED-02" is intended for receiving, keeping and processing of information from of the family "RADOUGA". It can be used at medical-diagnostic and scientific-researches medical institutions.
Principal technical parameters and characteristics:

Temperature sensitivity 0,1°Ñ
Diapason of temperature +15°Ñ - +40°Ñ
Angle dimensions of view field 17°–30° in verical
20°in horizontal
Permission of cadre 160õ132
Work time from one refueling of nitrogen 2 h
General functions:
  • Receiving of picture
  • Pseudocoloring (pseudocoloring –accordance of definite length of waveof infra-red diapason to any color) and work with pallettes of pseudocoloring.
  • Processing of picture:
    • filtration of picture;
    • apportionment of layer on the picture (thermoprofile);
    • measurement of temperature in different points;
  • Operations with the Data of patients and inspections:
    • Creation, editing, deleting of the patient card ;
    • search of information in the Data Base;
  • output of information.
Complex includes:
The hardware and software.
The hardware-thermovizor, device of thermovision, adapter for computer.
The software-driver of theplovision, executing module, the Data Base.


Hardware-software "Ultramed-01" complex (hereinafter-complex) is intended for receiving, processing, keeping of information got from devices with standard video-output (for example- USI device). The complex can be used in medical-diagnostic and scientific-research medical institutes.
It is possible to install the additional program module for receiving and keeping of information with the help of standard protocol of medical information transmission and keeping HL7 (DICOM in perspective).
Genaral technical charasteristics:
Used USI deviceAny device with standard video-output
Resolution of the got pictureIt depends on the original picture quality. At the usage of AverMediaStudio video capture device - up to 640x480 pixels.
Quantity of colors in the palette for the picture reflectionUp to 255
Quantity of the palettes for the picture reflection6 standard and up to 64 user palettes
Quantity of set marksUp to 255

    General functions:
  • picture receiving;
  • pseudocolouring - the determined value of input signal is assigned to any color of the set palette. Work with the pseudocolouring palettes;
  • picture processing:
    • picture filtration for its quality amelioration and for sounds influences decreasing;
    • layer detachment on the picture;
    • measuring of values in various picture points;
  • work with DataBase of patients and examinations:
    • creation, editing, deleting of the patient card;
    • retrieval in DataBase;
    • reserve copying and restoration of DataBase;
  • printing of information about the patient and examination results.
Complex structure.
The complex includes the hardware and the software. The software consists of executing module , DataBase and DataBases interface. The hardware consists of AverMediaStudio video capture device and connection cables (adaptation for concrete conditions is possible: demanded quality of got picture, configuration of USI device exit). Distributive of the software is delivered on diskettes(3,5'') or CD-ROM.

We take orders for elaboration of complex specialized versions for usage in other spheres.

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