Audiometers of Echo-x1 class.

Monocanal, portable audiometers with air conductivity are proposed to your attention. They are intended for screening audiometry, definition of human thresholds of audibility.
These light and reliable devices with microprocessor control will provide you with faultless work for many years.
High accuracy and stability of test signals will improve the quality of your researches, will provide their reiteration. The using of autonomous power supply (from battery or built-in accumulators) make it possible to carry out audiometric researches almost in any conditions.
Every organ of control and indication are disposed on the front panel of audiometer. The choice of test signal frequency is carried out of the standard set of frequencies by con-secutive cyclic sorting out. The installation of signal intensity is made by change of values with step fixed from minimum to maximum and vice – versa. The buttons without fixation are used as organs of control. The indication of audiometer modes work is carried out by lightdiodes. The value of frequency and intensity are represented on the liquid-crystalline indicators.
The test signal may be sent to the right or the left telephone or to both at once. The automatic control of power supply voltage is provided for.
In ECHO-21 tone, frequent-modulated or narrow–strip sound signals are used as test sig-nals at continuous, modulated or alternative modes. The white, rose, narrow-strip sounds are used as masking signal.
In ECHO-31 tone, frequent- modulated signals are used as test signals at continuous or modulated mode. The white sound is used as masking signal.
In ECHO-41 tone, frequent - modulated signals are used as test signals at continuous, modulated modes.
In ECHO-51 tone signals are used as test signals at continuous mode.

Original design, handy disposition of control organs, high reliability, easiness and sim-plicity in exploitation - all these qualities make audiometers of Echo-x1 class irreplaceable for audiometric researches.
Delivery set:
Audiometer Echo-x1.
Forms of audiogrammes.

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