If you are usually in bad mood, irritable, anxious, you have disturbing expectations, excessive experiences because of trifles, lack of self-confidence, weak will, fear and you dont want to reconcile to this existence, we will help you to master the regulation skill of the emotional effort and to acquire the stability for any stress influences.
The treatments are made by the method defended by the authors certificate 1482718 and by the license 1683776 under the guidance of instructor or you can do it yourself.
The principle of the biological reverse contact, which is the basis of the method, makes it possible to form the new stereotype of reaction on any realized stress factor without medicines and with maximum taking into account your individuality. The duration of the course is 8-12 lessons by 2030 minutes. The formed skill of emotional stability will be kept for many years.
The method is shown to advantage not only for treatment of patients with anxious-phobia syndrome (clinic of neurosis, St-Petersburg) but during the preparation of the healthy men (sportsmen, operators, drivers and others) who work in dangerous conditions, lack of time ,heightened responsibility. The skill of emotional self-control formed by every man with the help of INTEX-A is the effective method for prophylaxis of psichomathique diseases as hypertonia, ulcer of stomach and duodenum, gastritis,immunological deficiency, glaucoma and many others . The trainer is a very compact autonomous device {250180160 } with the combined power supply {+12V or 220 V, 50 Hz} and satisfies the requirements of the electro-safety by II class of BF 50267.0-92 type.

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