The SCENAR devices are used as principal or subsidiary means for prophylaxis and treatment of wide spectrum of diseases, any sort of functional disorders and also for rendering first aid in different urgent situations.
SCENAR - 97 - professional devices
SCENAR - NT - professional devices with graphical display
Autoscenar - "Family doctor" devices

Add-on probes are designed for SCENAR-therapy when usage of the built-in electrode is impossible

"RISTA-EPD" is the hardware-software reflex-diagnostic complex. The original method of system multilevel diagnosis by parameters of skin in biologically-active points is in the basis. (International order PCT\RU99\00456). Complex is intended for diagnostic support of treatment and rehabilitation measures using Skenar devices and other methods of zone transdermic therapy.
"RISTOCHKA-EPD" is intellectual, autonomous module with small dimensions and graphic liquid-crystalline screen. The program-methodical support is fitted.
This device is intended for autonomous data reading and processing from the biologically active points using Nakatani method; keeping the results of measuring, interpretation of these results and printing recomendations, concerning the way of SKENAR-therapy. When used with RISTA-EPD complex, this device is replaces the basic unit of the complex and provides data reading and data sending to IBM using Nakatani, Voll and auricular methods.
Certificate of registration 29\23031096\0328-00,
Certificate of conformity RU.26465.
"OLM-1" is healing compound blanket for complex therapy of wide spectrum of diseases, for regulation of psycho-emotional disorders, improvement of sleep, rise of steadiness for stress influences, for releas of alcohol intoxication.
Certificate of registration 29\03010300\0120-00,
Certificate of conformity RU.2.B07907.
Computer stabiloanalizator with biological reverse contact "Stabilan-01" is a complex of software-hardware means on the basis of computer stabilography. Using "Stabilan-01" you can registrate, process and analyse the transference trajectory of the center of pressure made by man on the plane of bearing.
Stabiolanalizators are used in diagnostic centers, institutions of scientific researches, polyclinics, medico-prophylactic centers and centers of rehabilitation, access control centers.
"Echo" - monocanal, portable audiometers of air conductivity intended for screening audiometry , definition of human audiometry thresholds.
Diapason of frequencies - 125.800Hz. Intensity of signal - 10+80 dB. Experimental models.
"INTEX" is an individual trainer for correction of emotional state and for rise of steadiness for stress factors.
Experimental models.

Computerization of thermovision systems including the following models of infra-red cameras "Radouga MT", "Radouga-2", "Radouga-4", "Radouga-5". Computerization of USI-device that user has, including import variants. Receiving, processing and keeping of USI picture; patients card index-keeping.
Delivery of USI on request of client.

CLF-16- microprocessor counter of leucocytes formula (specialized calculator) for calculation to 16 kinds of blood cells with accumulation in memory from 7 to 100 analysis for 100(200) total units. It provides the conservation of information fixed in memory when the feed is switched off.
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