ENERGISER Healing Blanket (OLM-1)


(Vilgelm Raich worked at creation of orgone accumulators; healing compound blanket OLM-1 is variety of these accumulators).

OLM-1 is used as physiotherapeutic device for treatment and prophylaxis of functional disorders and diseases.
High effectiveness, simplicity, safety, possibility of using in home conditions make it possible to use OLM-1 for treatment of serious diseases (demanding long treatment).
The principle of device work is based on the normalization of adaptation mechanisms of patient organism.
This device:
  - Protects from unhealthy influences of external electro-magnetic and electro-statistics fields.
  - Normalizes control system of regenerative and supporting processes of the cellular homeostasis.
  - Makes favorable conditions for functioning of acupuncture points and meridian system.
  - Makes favorable influence on the functional state of regional and central homodynamics.
Effective many-sided renewal of the organism is achieved with the help of these influence mechanisms. Healing compound blanket was put to the test in the main medical centers of Russia and was recommended to use by:
  - Scientific Research Institute of neurology, Russian Academy of Medical Sciences.
  - Scientific Research Institute of clinic psychiatry, Russian Academy of Medical Sciences.
  - All Russian Scientific Center of medical rehabilitation and physical therapy.
  - Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, Scientific Research Institute of neurology.
  - Scientific Research Institute of general pathology and pathological physiology, Russian Academy of Medical Sciences.
  - Ministry of Health of Russian Federation.
Healing compound blanket OLM-1 is patent device. All rights reserved.

Indications and contraindications for use. Indications for using OLM-1 as the component of complex therapy are:
  - Diseases of central nervous system (vegetative-vascular dystonia);
  - Diseases of peripheral nervous system (heightened muscular fatigability of myasthenic type);
  - Diseases of vegetative nervous system (astheno-vegetative disorders);
  - Diseases of cardiovascular system (hypertension of I-II stage);
  - Diseases of nervous psychological character (asthenic neurosis, astheno-neurotic syndrom, affective disorders);
  - Diseases of locomotor apparatus (osteochondrosis, arthritis);
  - States and diseases.

OLM-1 is recommended to be used jointly with pharmacotherapy.
  - Acute infectious diseases and febrile states when diagnosis is not clear.
  - Active forms of pulmonary tuberculosis.
  - Acute myocardial infarction.
  - Decompensated cardiac and pulmonary cardiac insufficiencies.
  - New grouths.
  - Implants.

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