The using of "Ristochka-134" device makes it possible to raise the effectiveness of the Skenar-therapy, to know the optimum picture of the influence for every procedure and to receive quicker the effect from the device using.
During the work at autonomous mode this device with small dimensions (210x145x50), fitted accumulators and graphic liquid-crystalline screen provides:

  • measurements in accordance with the Voll`s, Nakatany`s methods and auriculodiagnostics;
  • representation on the liquid-crystalline screen both measured quantity and results of their processing in the aspect assumed for every method;
  • print of results;
  • keeping of results in memory not depending on energy. "Ristochka-134" connected with IBM, controlled by the software "Rista-Epd" provides all possibilities of the "Rista-Epd" complex.

    Rista-EPDm Support Page

    In case of some problems with programm complex "Ristochka" you could:
    • take selfextracting archive with test programm here checkarch.exe;
    • run it on the Windows Desktop;
    • execute extracted checksys.exe then;
    • created report "report.txt" send to: mau@pbox.ttn.ru.

        The error that appeared rarely in some devices Rista-EPDm, is corrected. The error appeared in the mode of reading in Nakatani method and lay in incorrect display of point localization. There is no this error in devices having numbers less than 50.
        In order to update the firmware of Rista-EPDm:
        a) Connect the device to a COM-port of a PC. Turn on the computer.
        b) Launch the programmer (“Start->Rista-EPDm->Programmer”).
        c) Execute the menu item “File->Find a device”.
        Attention! If your device does not support the possibility of firmware, then a corresponding message will be displayed. To correct the errors you have to apply to regional representatives.
        d) Execute the menu item “File->Open” and in the appeared dialogue of file opening choose the file, which is located on the given CD-ROM in the directory "RistaEPDm firmware". Wait until the end of firmware.
        e) Close the program “programmer”, turn off the device, and then disconnect the device from the PC.
        In the program for the computer Rista-EPDm the following changes were made:
        a) The bookmark “Disbalance” was added on the bookmark “Records”.
        b) The possibility to compare several measurements on the same diagram is added (the button “Compare” on the bookmark “Records”).
        c) The file types .rst č .ris are registered in the system when the program is installed. This allows to open a file by double click on it in standard Windows shell.
        d) The separate program “Meridians printing” is removed from the set, and the bookmark “Meridians printing” is added.
        e) The version of the program is shown in the right upper angle of the application window (the current version is 2.0).
        f) The possibility to switch the application language is added (English/Russian/German).
        g) Return to the previous point works correctly in the mode of computer reading. The possibility to continue unfinished measuring after going to the bookmark “Records” is added.

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