Skenar is the trade mark and the name of the device realizing the original synthesis method of medical signal with the direct participation of patient organism in this process( 2113 249 from 2.06.97 and 2135226 from 25.02.97).
Skenar devices are allowed for using in medical practice by the Ministry of Health (certificate of conformity RU. 2.7349, certificate of registration 29 /03020397/0329-00 19.05.00), in Ukraine ( certificate of registration 1367/99), in Hungary. The devices will be certificated in many other countries.
The devices Skenar has serial production (license of the Ministry of Health 42/98-1325-0260 from the 30.12.98.) in many executions:
Indication of modes installation and representation of influence dynamics are realized on the symbol lightdiode indicator. Four fixed frequencies: 14,60, 120,320 Hz, possibility of oscillating frequency installations from 30 to 120 Hz and interrupted modulation (3:1) with easy installation of influence energy. As distinct from Skenar-97.0, individually-dozed mode is optimized, minimum energy is reduced.
Skenar 97.5
Three modes of diagnostics:integral doze|zero, differential doze, screening. Seven modes of modulation: amplitude( 1:1; 2:1;3:1;4:1;5:1.),frequent(oscillating frequency - 30-120 Hz); mode "swing". Smooth change of pulses movement frequency from 15 to 350 Hz. Five versions of initial signal form, mode "oscillating form", intensive therapy (formation of blocks with possibility of changing the distance between pulses in block). Minimum energy is reduced, so it is possible to influence any kind of mucous and open wounds without pain sensations. Indication of modes on liquid-crystalline - screen. Developing methodical maintenance.
Skenar 97.4
As distinct from Skenar-97.5: one mode of diagnostics integral doze\zero, mode "swing" is absent, minimum energy of influence is 5 times more.
Skenar 97.4+
As distinct from Skenar-97.4: two modes of diagnostics, mode "swing", minimum energy is reduced to 1.
Skenar 97.6
Device with 8 canals, intended for treatment of patients with serious diseases, and for patients demanding long stimulation. Realized modes: cyclic when the time of influence for every canal and quantity of cycles are set; cyclic-dozed when the time of influence for concrete canal depends on the reaction on influence, quantity of cycles is set in compulsory way.
Skenar 97.7
Computer version which can work with any device from Skenar97 family. It includes module of interface with computer and software supporting informational base and system of real time. Information base includes methods approved by the Ministry of Health, auxiliary methods, reference book on acupuncture, notebook of doctor, typical and individual trajectories for diagnosis. System of real time makes it possible to measure parameters of reaction, to choose preferable zones for processing, to keep up results of measuring for revealing dynamics of reactions. Many strategies in order to optimize therapeutic influences are realized in system. The supplementary hardware is delivered free of charge during one year.
Scenar-97 - neuroadaptive electrostimulator with speech indicator.
The device is from the Scenar-97 family. Its principal distinction from other modifications of 97 type-speech indicator for the next information output:
  1) when the mode of device tuning is used:
    a)frequency of influencing signal;
    b) type of modulation;
    c) amplitude of impulse;
    d) form of impulse (damping);
  2) when treating and diagnostics;
    a) coefficient of form;
    b) measure of reaction when the influence was begun and finished.
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