Computer stabiloanalizator with biological reverse ontact

"Stabilan-01" is a complex of technical and software-hardware means on the basis of computer stabilography. Using "Stabilan-01" you can register, process and analyze the transference trajectory of the center of pressure made by man on the plane of bearing.
Stabiolanalizators are used in diagnostic centers, institutions of scientific researches, polyclinics, medico-prophylactic centers and centers of rehabilitation, stations of control before the trip.
With the help of stabiloanalizator it is possible:
  - To diagnose functional disorders of human equilibrium.
  - To estimate the results of treatment.
  - To rehabilitate the locomotor apparatus disorders of adults and children using biological reverse contact.
  - To provide the professional selection and control before trips on transport.
  - To forecast the professional advance and to improve the coordination of sportsmen, artists of ballet and circus actors;
  - To conduct fundamental researches in the sphere of movements biomechanics at maintenance of vertical pose.
Delivery- set of stabioloanalizator:
Stabiloplatform tenzomethrique, computer Pentium 166 or higher, RAM 32 Mb, SVGA, videocard 1 Mb, HDD not less than 1 Gb, COM 1 or COM 2, Windows 95, 98, 2000,NT (may be bought by the Client or by joint-stock company "" at market prices).
Hardware- software maintenance:   - Collection of stabilographique analysis methods.
  - My best wishes, estimation methods of equilibrium functions quality.
  - Methods of steadiness reserve estimation.
  - Collection of trainers for rehabilitation and development.
  - Methods of miogrammes analysis.
  - Methods of pulse and respiration estimation.

In addition taking into account the version of the stabiloanalizator you can receive:
  - Electrodes for input of ritmogrammes.
  - Tenzomethrique Data unit of respiration.
  - Clustery dynamometer.
  - Main support dynamometer.
  - Electrodes for output of integral electromiogrammes.
Stabiloplatform has following technical parameters:

Name of parameter Types of stabiloplatforms
Stabilan-01-1 Stabilan-01-2
Power supply voltage 220 V, 50 Hz 220 V, 50 Hz

Power used is not more than

20 W 20 W
Registration field of coordinates of pressure center is the circle with the center at the beginning of platforms coordinates and with radius 150 mm 200 mm
Weight of patient 20 - 150 kg 20 - 150 kg
Overall dimensions are not more than 40035070 mm 48048070 mm
Mass is not more than 6 kg 8 kg

Stabiloanalizator has many modifications.
Since 1990 joint-stock company "" have been developing the scientific-technical trend "Computer stabilography". Four generations of stabiloanalizator have been worked out for last 10 years. Nowadays certification of computer stabiloanalizator with biological reverse contact "Stabilan-01" as the manufactured article of medical technology is at its final stage.
Services for accompaniment
  - Installation and startadjust on the basis of user.
  - Instructions of methodical aspects of stabiloanalizator using.
  - Consultations of specialists on the basis of producer or in its representations.
  - Purchase of computer and printer.
  - Authors maintenance of conducted researches and revision of software maintenance following the remarks of the user during guarantee period.
  - Delivery of renovated versions of software hardware during guarantee period.
  - Service during post guarantee period at concerted prices for practically realized works.

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